Next generation biodiversity monitoring that enables industry and nature to coexist


At Spoor, we believe that biodiversity will be the next key metric for monitoring, managing and reporting environmental impacts.

Today, the lack of suitable solutions to monitor biodiversity efficiently and remotely is threatening both biodiversity and the progress to environmentally-sustainable infrastructure. How can industries meet the much-needed goals of a green shift, while also caring for the biodiversity consequences of its urgent efforts? We are first tackling this challenge by developing an AI-powered software for bird monitoring on wind farms, leveraging existing infrastructure, off-the-shelf hardware and computer vision. Our grand ambition is to enable industry and nature to coexist.

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We’re hiring! Our software is using cutting edge AI technology and addressing an urgent and growing need, so we want more great hands on deck! We are looking for bright, creative people to join our team.

Current openings:

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Lorea Coronado-Garcia

COO and Co-founder

Byron Sánchez

Computer Vision Engineer

Ask Helseth

CEO and Co-founder

Charlene Bruno

Computer Vision Engineer

Helge Reikerås

CTO and Co-founder

Anshuman Pradhan

Full-stack Engineer

Balázs Horváth

Computer Vision Engineer